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All pleasure of LaCotta® taste in a 330ml format.

Cottina® represents the high quality, taste and flavor of LaCotta® beer, everything in the new 330 ml bottle. A bottle with a unique and innovative design, capable to communicate all the values of the brand; elegance, style, purity, research, tradition and modernity. Cottina® is a blonde beer, with a high fermentation, unpasteurized, fermented in the bottle method, excellent at any time of day, with an alcohol content of 4.8%. Vol. Cottina® is produced exclusively by LaCotta® brewers, made with spring water, malt derived from own Barley production, hops, yeast and sugar.


High fermentation beer with a veiled blond color, particularly full-bodied with a great taste. An excellent character despite the moderate alcohol content of only 4.8% Vol. Our own malt production gives that unique natural and harmonious taste that comes from the perfect symbiosis with our own territory. Has a light bitter and persistent taste due to a mix of high quality Bavarian hops. Perfect with appetizers, excellent with fish.