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Who we are

The Colleverde company was founded in 2004 by the will of Luigi Rengucci and Francesco Tontini, is the result of the great passion for high quality and agricultural activities aiming  the production of craft beer.  The company is located in Ca ‘Corsuccio a little town in a strategic position, in the heart of the historical Montefeltro between Urbino, Carpegna, San Leo.  From up there the eye can span on the underlying river Foglia and admire, above the splendid Lake of Mercatale, the village of Sassocorvaro on which stands the Fortress of Francesco Di Giorgio Martini, a work of extraordinary importance, symbol and heart of this territory.


LaCotta® is the symbol of high quality agricultural beer production, obtained with a great research, passion and artisanal knowledge of our master brewers. The entire production cycle is concentrated in an old farmhouse that was entirely renovated to become our laboratory, which has managed to combine tradition with innovative architectural elements. The excellence and quality of the products are guaranteed by the use of just natural ingredients, the result of the soil we cultivate and control, the barley, malt and spring water, in addition to the purity of the Montefeltro air . These unique characteristics can be found in the flavors, aromas and colors of LaCotta® beers.

Our production

LaCotta® beers are produced with natural methods, without additives and is not pasteurized. Top quality suppliers are used for our ingreedients; whenever possible, the basic malts (pils) are produced by our own company and malted at a local malt house. The Hops and flowers used in pellets are also chosen from the best suppliers. LaCotta® brewery uses the high fermentation method with selected yeasts. After a first fermentation and the subsequent maturation in tank, we use the technique of refermentation in the bottle. The must production takes place with state of the art equipment, with manual, semi-automatic and automatic controls for the various production phases.

Our beer

Beer is born from the cultivated soil, and beer is better when the soil is cultivated by those who grow Barley and make beer, so they can control the qulity from the beginnin. Società Agricola Colleverde produces Barley in the favorable climate of the hills of Montefeltro and transforms it into high-quality malt in their owned Malt processing factory which is a member of the Cooperativa Agricola COBI of Ancona. All the passion and dedication employed to transform Barley into fragrance, geniunity and aromas is what only a beer like LaCotta® can offer.


Land of history and culture, located in the northern part of the province of Pesaro-Urbino on the border with Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. Its territory is full with montains and hills and is dug by many rivers, in a privileged position full of green and wooded valleys. Great historical past, but having also been a connection path from northern Europe with Rome and the Mediterranean, it has hosted several civilizations that have left on the territory historical evidences recognized in castles, fortresses, towers, small villages entirely fortified and churches rich in art.